Chronicles of Draezoln

Tales of the world of Draezoln

Chapter 9-1

Chapter 9: Islands

“The cause of Righteousness is ever opposed. I am never surprised to find this so, for to do good has never been easy. I find, in the stories of days past, that there was never a tale of a hero without a tale of hardship survived and toil endured. For evil never rests in its battle against joy, nor does time wait for the slothful.”

“I find it odd that there are those who believe that goodness will exempt them from hardship. I suppose such must be unfamiliar with history, for this theory is amply disproved there. Good is never accomplished easily.”

Almonihah hated ships. They were so… confining, like being locked in a box in the middle of the ocean. He spent as much time on-deck as he could, though he had to make sure to stay out of the way of the sailors with his restless pacing.

Sometimes he considered joining Zakhin’Dakh, who coped with the long journey much as he had on the way down, by spending as much time in the air as he could. But flying under his own power always brought back bad memories, and he didn’t want to tire his friend out faster and thereby make him spend more time on the ship. So he stayed here and paced.

Garkhen did not mind the time on board. Not only did he appreciate the rest, he had also taken the opportunity to purchase a few books while in Ferd, so he usually found a quiet corner to read each day. If the sailors thought it odd that he was reading in full armor… well, he was a half-dragon, which was odd enough already.

Tirel was the only one of the group who truly seemed to enjoy sailing for its own sake. He watched the sailors managed the ropes and sails with curiosity, and often looked out over the waves with a bit of a grin.


Just a moment of calm here. You know what that means. >: D

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