Chronicles of Draezoln

Tales of the world of Draezoln

Chapter 1-3

A squeal-like roar heralded the beast’s appearance as it came crashing through the underbrush of a nearby grove of trees. It was a massive creature, larger than a warhorse, and looked something like a boar with the fur of a spotted jungle cat. Its face was a tangled mass of tusks, all of which pointed outwards with gleaming, honed points.


Almonihah’s bow twanged, and a glowing arrow blasted into its snout. It squeal-roared again, but did not slow. Zakhin’Dakh shriek-roared back and leaped into the air, while Garkhen struggled to get his shield and mace out while at the same time moving so as to be not in its direct path. Almonihah stepped the other way, nocking another arrow.


The Madness-Touched turned to follow Garkhen, who finally had Silverflame in hand. He inhaled, then breathed out a bolt of lightning. Again it squealed in pain, but though it stumbled slightly it still came on. Almonihah’s bowstring sang, and another arrow buried itself in its side, but still it came on. Garkhen braced himself, debating for just a moment whether he should try to leap aside, duck under, or something else.


Then Zakhin’Dakh crashed into its side, talons digging deep. The Javni’Tolkhrah squeal-roared yet again as the huge griffon’s momentum knocked it over just short of Garkhen. It struggled and kicked as Zakhin’Dakh strained to keep it pinned down. Seeing an opportunity, Garkhen moved, armor crashing as he ran in a great circle to the top of its head and brought down his mace on it. The namesake silver flames of his mace sizzled as it struck, bringing a weaker squeal from the beast. Before he could strike again, the griffon’s beak jabbed down as Zakhin’Dakh bit into its throat. After a few more moments of struggle, it lay still, dead. 


Breathing heavily more from the shock of the suddenness of it all than from exertion, the half-blue dragon looked over at Almonihah. He had another arrow nocked, but slowly lowered his bow and replaced it in his quiver.


“Clumsy,” he growled, then grudgingly added, “Worked.”


Garkhen nodded, wordlessly. “That is the largest one I have seen thus far, fortunately. I do not know if I could have slain it alone.”


The half-brzone dragon snorted. “Got that much practice, hm?”


The Warder nodded. “I have faced quite a number these past years, both alone and with a companion.”


Almonihah frowned. “Southern Rangers shouldn’t…” He trailed off with a quiet growl.


“Rangers?” Garkhen repeated. “I have heard of them, but very little.”


“I’m one. Northern, though.”


“Indeed?” Garkhen was impressed. “What has brought you here then, if I might ask?”


“You may not,” Almonihah snapped back, sarcastically mocking Garkhen’s polite tone. “Sounds like should check on th’ Southern Rangers, though…” He paused. “’nd you’re coming, Blue. Not trusting you out ‘f my sight.”


Garkhen sighed. “I agree to come,” he said, keeping his even tone. “Had I known there were some I might speak to of this matter, I would have done so earlier.”


The Ranger snorted and spoke again to the griffon in the odd, breathy language he had used before. Zakhin’Dakh ambled over to a nearby rock and knelt down. 


“Get on,” Almonihah ordered. “Faster t’ fly, ‘nd you won’t be slowing us down.”




Sorry about being a day late. I’ve just been saving an alternate Earth from an alien invasion, and that’s kept me kind of busy.

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