Chronicles of Draezoln

Tales of the world of Draezoln

Chapter 20.5-2

Zakhin’Dakh’s surprised screech told me he’d heard it, too. It was the last thing I needed to figure it out, though. This was the Phoenix.

Now, you probably don’t know, but the Phoenix is a legend among Rangers. During my time with the Order, I’d heard stories of Rangers saved from certain death by a giant bird of fire. Some of them had just heard it from others, but a few had seen him themselves. And here he was waiting for us.

You are surprised, young one? I knew he was directing the question at Zakhin’Dakh somehow.

He nodded in response, then screeched, How talk like that?

He was getting better at Great Eagle, but still had a way to go.

I could feel the Phoenix laughing as he answered. I am afraid it is not something I can teach you, young one. It is

[Translator’s Note: A large splotch of ink covered most of the rest of this page.]

Zakhin’Dakh just knocked my inkwell over. Usually he’s better about this, but he got excited when I told him what I was writing about.

And he says hello. He’s happy I wrote that for him. He also says he liked talking with the Phoenix. And I’m not writing anything more for him right now, though I might later if he’ll let me get on with it.

So, the Phoenix said, It is a gift I am given to speak like this, as throats and beaks like ours are not suited to the tongues of men.

Zakhin’Dakh screeched sadly. I patted his head. “You can talk with me,” I said.

His screech in response was happier.

We landed near the Phoenix. He was huge—even bigger than Zakhin’Dakh. He says that made him kind of jealous. Up close, his feathers looked even more like a fire, and I noticed he’d built a large nest. He’d built it on a wide ledge a ways up from the valley.

“Why were you waiting for us?” I asked, once Zakhin’Dakh was settled.

The Phoenix seemed to find something about that a bit funny, too. It is nearly time for my rebirth, and I need brave hearts to aid me.


Poor Almonihah. He can’t appreciate the humor of things that happen to him. Actually, Zakhin’Dakh can get him to grin sometimes in spite of himself.

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